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Myovite is the best multivitamin/Multi-mineral that I have ever taken. Well worth the price. I wouldn't recommend anything else over this product.

John Bagley

Amino2 is the best! I decided to get away from the caffeine pre-workouts and absolutely love this stuff. It does not have a strong bcaa taste. I get a good pump from the N.O. and the BCAAs seem to really fuel my muscles. I do not feel it in my head but in my muscles. I definitely recommend.

John Snyder

Aftershock is my favorite post workout more than any other for a few reasons. 1) The protein/carb 1:1 ratio blend is so awesome! I need my post workout to have a great protein/carb blend to it and this one does. 2) Joint support formula. This post workout has an amazing joint support formula built into the product! This helps my joints, it helps me recover from my workouts quicker, and it helps me be less sore the day after my workout. 3) Taste! Taste is actually least important to me, because if my body responds well, I don’t care what it tastes like. But, this product tastes SO GOOD!! Wow! Best post workout!


Hypershock was so so delicious! I bought a tub without sampling because I liked what was on the label... and it was well worth the risk! Felt a buzz within 10 minutes- but a good feeling energy. Ran on the treadmill for about an hour and didn't feel depleted or exhausted afterward. Loved the way I felt on this stuff. I will keep using it and recommending it!


I manage a supplements & nutrition store and see a LOT of products promise to take your fitness and health to the next level but none of them have performed for our customers like Myogenix products do. By far our best selling line of products in the store. Hard to keep in stock! 

W. Hendricks

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