It's February, lets keep those New Year's Resolutions going! This year may fly by so ensure by 2017 you have something to look back at and be proud of. So, how do you stay motivated and it's only been 4 weeks of a new year? Here are some tips:

Reward YOU

When you look back on your past, remember the lows and highs to have accomplished this point in life. Use the past to help keep you motivated for your future. Celebrate the small victories. Take a moment to reflect upon how far you have come, the small accomplishments, these will keep you moving towards your goals.

Eat Clean NOW

In terms of weight loss, eighty percent of your results depend on your diet. It is important to focus on what you are putting into your body in order to live a healthy and clean lifestyle. The healthier you feel, the easier it will be to push yourself to accomplish your goals, not only in the gym but also in your career, relationships, and life!

Its All In The Details

Overlooking details can be detrimental to your goals. There are many layers to staying on track so letting details slip through the cracks may lead to backtracking. Do all the necessary research and planning to accomplish your goals. Plan to succeed or plan to fail.

Make Deadlines A Priority

Procrastination and fitness do not belong together. The longer you 'put off' working out, the longer it will take for you to bulk up, tone up, or get that lean mean body you have always wanted. Set deadlines to help you stay on track and give a sense of urgency. Stay committed to your deadlines and your goals will be closer than you ever imagined.

Fear of Failure

Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. However, turning a failure into a success is changing your mindset. Anytime you feel like you have failed a task, go ahead and learn from it for the future. Every failure helps you prepare for what's to come, and is a stepping-stone to greatness. With that in mind, make sure your goals are within reason and you have the ability to complete the goals that you set for yourself. Less is always more (celebrate the milestones).

Track Results

Keeping a journal is a huge part of your success. You will be able to see your results and growth, which will help motivate you to keep going! There are so many ways to track your results from your iPhone, watch to the old fashioned, writing it down. Accountability is key, be honest with how your day went so you can make tomorrow even better.

"No Great Thing is Suddenly Created!"

You have most likely heard the saying "Earned Results." This is so true, rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a six-pack. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who work hard. Add persistence and determination then nothing can stand in your way of accomplishing goals.

The Buddy System

Partner up! Accountability with a friend is a huge factor in success. Find someone who has similar goals and hold one another accountable. It always helps to have someone to keep you on track. Help push each other to the next level.

Consistency is Key! No Pain. No Gain.

Start working towards your goal NOW! There is no time like the present. The process will get easier overtime. Keep up with the hard work and you will see results and be rewarded for your pain. No pain, no gain!

Stay Focused

There are so many distractions that can deter us from achieving our goals. Write down your goals for the day, month or year. Keep it visible to remind you to stay focused no matter what. Keep on track and you will reap the benefits!

  • F - Follow
  • O - One
  • C - Course
  • U - Until
  • S - Successful