The holidays are here and that means even more calories to burn! A juice cleanse will only get you so far after feasting on those delicious holiday treats. Here are a few ways you can burn calories while staying in the holiday spirit!

1. Dress warm and go out!

It's always nice to walk around your neighborhood and see the Christmas lights and decorations or window shop at the mall. Yes, shopping can be a good source of exercise! Walking during the holidays is not only good for the heart but you might even find some new ideas for gifts or decorations!

2. Jingle all the way

Crank up the holiday tunes and dance the day away! We all want to cozy up against the fire and eat Christmas cookies and not leave the couch. BUT, it's important to keep moving! While you are decorating or wrapping presents remember to get up and dance!

3. Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen!

Try and find a local holiday-themed walk or run in your area. There is always something involving fitness happening around the holidays. Participating will not only get your blood pumping but will bring in the holiday spirit! Just be sure to avoid those Santa Claus pub-crawls, alcohol is very high calorie.

Try this delicious low calorie holiday drink:

Lemon Drop Liqueur

Fresh lemon juice and lemon rind add bright tang and a beautiful hue to this liqueur.

Ingredients: Sugar, lemon rinds, lemon juice, vodka

Calories: 170