It's one thing to be motivated, its another to sustain the motivation year after year. So, how do people do it? These three tricks still endure hard work and commitment, however, changing your mindset will motivate you for the long term goal.

1. CHANGE IT UP. Join a community that places your goals above a gym membership fee. A place where you feel supported and excited to be. You may have to change gyms a few times as long as you are going towards your goal and feel comfortable. Shop around, try outside workout spots, join communities - get out and get moving.

2. GOAL DRIVEN. Be detailed with your goals. "I want to do pushups" - that is useless. "I want to do 120 push ups in 8 weeks" THIS is more productive. Creating a deadline with a specific goal will help you succeed and celebrate achievement steps.

3. GET MOTIVATED. However you have to do it, either reading motivation articles like this, teaming up with friends or listening to blood pumping music. Changing your mindset is a HUGE factor in the success of reaching your goals.
Let your passion wake you up in the morning, not an alarm clock.