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Natural Test Stack

  • If you want to make sure that your testosterone levels are as high as possible, you need to look at the composition of your diet.  It’s tempting to go straight to a test booster, like Hardcore Test, however Optimal testosterone production begins with ensuring that you are getting the right amount of key testosterone boosting micronutrients in your diet. 




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This is where Myovite has been designed to excel. Myovite lays the foundation for optimal natural testosterone production by providing ideal dosages of the following micronutrients which many hard training athletes are deficient in.

  • Vitamin D: Not easily attainable through foods, so supplementing is a must. Multiple studies show that individuals with higher vitamin D levels also have higher circulating and free testosterone levels.  
  • Magnesium: Easily lost through sweat, magnesium is critical for the proper uptake and utilization of vitamin D. In addition, recent research has shown that 4 week magnesium supplementation plus exercise can increase total and free testosterone more than exercise alone.
  • Zinc: Also easily lost through sweat. Multiple studies indicate that Zinc supplementation is able to prevent the decrease in testosterone that many athletes suffer as a result of a high training workload. 

Once your macronutrient levels are optimized with Myovite, it’s time to take your test production to the next level with Hardcore Test

Hardcore Test

Hardcore test features the patented testosterone boosting ingredient LJ100 at the optimal daily dose of 100mg.  Lj100 is the highest quality standardized extract of Eurycoma Longifolia available.  

The authors of a recent systematic review of 11 clinical studies found “there is convincing evidence for the prominence of LJ100 in improving male sexual health. The sex boosting effects of LJ100 are due to its testosterone enhancing effects in males.”

After just 3 weeks of 100mg LJ100 per day male subject experienced a 43% increase in total testosterone, and a 73% increase in free testosterone! This is incredibly important, as only free testosterone is usable by the body. 

In the Natural Test Stack, Myovite and Hardcore Test work synergistically to:

  • Increase total testosterone production
  • Increase free, useable testosterone
  • boost sex drive and sense of well being
  • increase lean mass
  • reduce body fat
  • enhance athletic recovery 

Better results from optimal test levels are only one stack away.

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